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Toss Sauce

Toss Sauce's cornhole bag break-In process is the perfect way to get your bags ready for play. Get your bags perfectly broken-in knowing you are doing it safely and quickly with our specially formulated products that will leave your bag flexible and feeling great.

Get your bags game ready quickly, confidently, and safely, with Toss Sauce’s break-In process. Transform your bags from that brand new, crunchy, waxy, smooth, out of the bag feel, to that perfect soft and flexible touch, and do it in a way that is safe for your Dead Nutz cornhole bags. Our Break-In Soap and Conditioner is perfect for the job and will have you on your way to soft, hole friendly bags in no time.

Toss Sauce’s break-In process is safe for your bags. Our process conditions your bags, removes any residue from fabric binders or left over conditioner, and leaves your bags feeling soft and ready to slide and drip, like only Dead Nutz bags do!


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