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SEALIT Vinyl Media Edge Sealer Pen

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our answer to vinyl graphic edge sealing problems. Speed dry clear acrylic seals all vinyl graphics on glass and is great for ink jet decals, thermo prints and craft projects. Edge sealing your graphics. Nobody likes to do it...but with specialty films, such as SignGold, it has to be done. Traditionally, sign professionals have edge-sealed their vinyls with a quill, and one of many available clears. This required not only taking clear and brushes with you to out-of-shop jobs; but the fuss and mess of cleaning out your brushes afterwards. SEALITPEN eliminates all that. Just shake it, prime it, and seal your graphics as easily as tracing them with a marker! SEALITPEN actually contains a fast-drying clear, suitable for all of your edge-sealing needs. It's lock-tight cap, and spring-loaded wick tip make it perfect for storage in your vinyl application kit. Even after weeks of not being used...with just a quick shake and a few priming pumps, your SEALITPEN is ready to dispense!